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Oct/Nov 2019 Prayer Letter

The end of the year is right around the corner and as many are preparing for Christmas with their families it is a great time to remember the greatest gift to all mankind, Jesus Christ. Deputation has been an exciting time for my family and I as we have traveled through many different states and have had the privilege of visiting several churches. 

We just finished a round of missions conference and were blessed in so many ways by the generosity of these churches. Missions conference can be such a great time of fellowship with fellow missionaries, and also a great time to challenge each other in the faith. My family and I also had the privilege to spend some time with our family over the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving has been a good time to think back on the many blessings that God has given us. I would like to thank God for His hand of protection as we have been traveling across this country. I would also thank God for the health of my family and I with all of our travels and just in general. 


The ministries in Africa are doing well and we are excited to see how God is working there. The church in Munshi Village has been completed and now has a national man named Pastor Katai who is working in the church there. He is from the Copperbelt Region, but he feels that God has called him to the ministry there and is excited to serve with Pastor Frazer who is in the nearby village of Ndole Bay. This is a big adjustment even for a national to move cross country and serve in an area where there is no family. Please pray for these men as they serve the Lord. Pray specifically that they stand strong in the faith. There are many false doctrines in Zambia and very specially in that area and they will be challenged in their faith daily. The spiritual oppression is also very great in that area as the lake villages have had a very deep influence from the witchdoctors. Some villages have persecuted Christians for their faith and it is a true spiritual warfare. We do know that I John 4:4 says, “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.” With the guiding of the Holy Spirit and the reading of the Word of God, those new converts will be able to stand strong in the faith. A great blessing of having Pastor Katai now working in that area is the fact that he speaks Swahili, and that is the trade language on the lake. All of the surrounding countries on the lake speak Swahili and a lot of the Zambians go to Tanzania for work, so they have learned Swahili in order to work. It not uncommon for a Zambian to know at least three different languages as there are seventy two different ones in the country. Some are more or less dialects, but many are truly different languages. 

As the Christmas season approaches, I am reminded daily of the need across the world for the gospel including America. I hope to encourage everyone to use this time to tell others of Jesus’ love. I have been trying to use this time as a witnessing tool, and  to bring the focus back off of ourselves and our wants to the true need of the world. Jesus Christ is the best Christmas gift of all time, so maybe we can give that gift to someone this season. Thanks for your prayers and support. Merry Christmas! 

The Robinson Family

Foundation for the church in Munshi Village

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