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Jun/July 2020 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

I hope this letter finds everyone in good health.

The last couple months have flown by it seems to me, and as we are now in August it seems like fall is right around the corner. Our family was happy to be able to stay busy with meetings for the month of June even though it has been uncertain in many areas. We were able to present our work in churches in Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, and had a few take us on for support!

The month of July has been a good time for me to be a help at my home church by pulpit filling a few times, and just enjoying the fellowship of our sending church. It makes you thankful in times of crisis and in times of uncertainty that we can have a Christian family. We can have a common unity with others in church, and it helps to detract from the craziness that is seen on the news. I find it amazing that God has designed the church in such a way so as to allow us to have such a family, not only in our own church, but other churches all across the world. Being adopted by God as a son of God not only gives us the great blessings of eternity, but also the great blessings of having fellowship on earth with a church family. Although we all have our own faults and failures, as well as our own strengths, we are unified in the fact that we are all the children of God seeking to glorify our Father in Heaven. I challenge all of you reading this to just be thankful for our eternal home in heaven and to be thankful for your eternal family on earth.

My wife’s pregnancy is going well although we had a few minor hiccups, and she was told to stay home and not to travel anymore until the baby is born. The days are getting closer now and we are excited to see our son Oliver.

Africa Update:

Please remember to pray for your brothers and sisters in Africa as they are facing the same uncertainty overseas as we are here, but on a far greater scale. Those in Zambia are faced with a lot more difficulties because of the lack of proper medical facilities in the rural areas. Obviously they are fearful in the uncertainty of all this, and they have asked for prayer. I ask you to please remember your brothers and sisters overseas. I am hoping to take a trip to Zambia in November and would ask for your prayers that all that can transpire. I would also ask for travel safety while I am on the way there and on the way back.

Thank you so much for your prayers for us as they are greatly appreciated.

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