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Dec/Jan 2020 Prayer Letter

Thank you so much for the support not only financially, but also in prayer. The past few months have had some exciting times as well as challenges, but God has always proven Himself faithful and has never failed. We also want to express our thanks to all the churches that have given us meetings, and for the hospitality and kindness that we have been shown. It has been humbling to see the care and concern that God’s people have given us while we have visited their congregations.

Since the beginning of December, we have driven cross country from Arizona to Florida and back to Arizona. With that much driving, we have seen much of the desert southwest or what there is to see haha. On one of our trips though, we got to see God’s provision in a great and mighty way. We were traveling from Mesa, Arizona to San Antonio, Texas when we began to experience some mechanical issues. We were traveling in the middle of nowhere when our car started getting shuttered down and was not letting us past 55mph, and then progressively getting slower. My car had an engine light on, and I did research and had an idea what the issue was, but now we were in the middle of nowhere. We finally found a Chevy dealership, but when I called them, they said “we don’t think we can fix the car or even have the parts in stock.” We stopped there, and I asked the service manager again if they could do anything. I needed to be at a meeting the next day, and we had not driven very far down the road. As the mechanic looked at the car, he said there was a recall on a part and it looked that it would be covered under warranty. He said, “I doubt we have the part though because this is a small town and we don’t service cars like yours typically.” He said he would see if they could even get it done within the week. He made the phone call and the man said “we just so happen to have that exact part and I have some time to do that work right now.” They immediately took it back and did the work while we walked to lunch to kill time. A couple hours later, we were back on the road with the car running perfectly fine. Everything was covered under warranty, and we haven’t had an issue since. When I first experienced the car issue, I prayed that God would just fix the light and allow us to keep driving, but God obviously had a better plan. He taught me patience, and He always answers prayer in His way and at His time. He took care of everything by providing a dealership in an obscure place, an obscure part in an unlikely location, and a mechanic at an unlikely time. God put us in that location at that time with the answers to our prayers as a test of our faith. I can only give God the glory and praise for His faithfulness. He provided for my family and I in a very real way. I just wanted to share that story to show that God answers prayer maybe not how we expect or want, but in a way that He deems best if we will just follow him by faith and allow Him to take control of our life.

The ministries in Africa are going well, and we are excited to see how God is moving. Please continue to pray for Pastor Frazier and Pastor Katai as they seek to teach and guide their flocks in Zambia. They are taking a stand against the Charismatics and Pentecostal false teachers that are in the area, and I am sure it will not come without consequences. Please pray for their health as well since the medicine in that area of Zambia is very limited and it can pose some risks for their family. Frazier’s daughter had a boil recently and was very ill, so please pray for her health and recovery. Frazier himself was bitten by a giant centipede while teaching a Bible study the other day and was not feeling well for a few days, but is now recovering. This is our family in Christ, and they need our prayers not only for health but also spiritual growth. Please pray for the churches to stand strong in the faith and stay grounded in the truth. Pray for the pastors to stay strong and stand firm, and for Godly wisdom as they guide their flocks.

On another note, my wife and I are excited to announce that God has blessed us with another child on the way in September. We are greatly excited about this, and Rosalie will be excited I am sure to have a playmate. Please pray that the pregnancy continues to go smoothly, and that my wife and I will be the spiritual leaders we need to be to guide our growing family.

Caleb & Abby & Rosalie Robinson

Helping Pastor Pena with songleading :-)

"Blessed Assurance" in Africa

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