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August/September 2022 Prayer Letter

Dear Supporting Partners,

As I am writing this letter, we have seen the shift in the weather over the last couple months. As most of you are starting to feel the cooler weather and shorter days, we are beginning to feel our hot season. It is still very dry, as we have had no rain for months, but we are looking forward to the rain that should start to come in the next couple months. It is always a good reminder when in this time of water shortage to think that there is no shortage of the water of Life that comes from Christ.

The past couple months have been quite busy as we continue to adjust to our life here in Zambia. The ministries are doing well, and we have seen some great growth in some of the individuals in the ministries here. We ask you to continue praying for some young men that I have been witnessing to. One of them has a Jehovahs Witness background, but we have had some really good discussions concerning the Bible. Pray that God would continue to work in his heart, and that he would realize his need of the only true Saviour. We have also been enjoying the music class with the youth. We have taught them a couple of new songs as well as many hymns. One of the young men who really loves music asked me to help him with a song that he wanted to write, so we were able to do that over the past months. We pray that it brings honor and glory to the Lord and are thankful for his faithfulness and desire to serve God in song. He was able to write the chorus, and I wrote the verses while my wife put it to music. It was true joint effort but a lot of fun. During August, we had a break at the Christian School I was teaching chapel at, but I was able to start back this month. It is always such a blessing to teach these young children about the Lord and watch as they grow in their physical and spiritual lives. We are still going through the life of Joseph, but they are really enjoying the class and actually remembering the lessons which is refreshing. I try to teach them at least one principle from the story to help them every time we study. We have been busy as well with pulpit fill as we preach every week at the church, and every Saturday I taught a Bible college class for the church.

Since one of the missionaries we have been helping has now returned to the field this past week, we have the ability to shift our focus over the next few months. My wife and I are going to be taking a more intensive language class starting next week that will be three days a week for several hours a week. We are trying to make this our priority, in order to be more effective in the ministry here in Zambia. Please pray that this goes well, and that we can learn as quickly as possible. This stint of classes will last about five weeks, and then we are hoping to do another stint after that. The total program for full literacy is supposed to take quite a bit of time, but we are just taking one step at a time. We have found that this will be vital tool in effective communication here, and we hope to be able to eliminate the many miscommunications that happen here through language translation. Please pray that we learn it quickly and effectively, and that we can teach our kids as well.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. We know that this can only be possible with you and your faithfulness. We are striving to be faithful here on the field in ministering to the people that God has called us to. Pray for the opportunities that God is opening for us. We are hoping to be able to report soon on some opportunities that God has been giving us to minister.

- Caleb, Abby, Rosalie, and Oliver Robinson

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