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April/March 2022 Prayer Letter

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Dear Supporting Partners,

Thank you so much to all of you and your continued support. Your faithfulness has been an encouragement to us on the field, and a huge help in our ministry as we serve here. The past couple months have had their challenges, but such is life, and in all of the challenges God has made a way through. We thank all of you who gave for the shipment of tracts and Bibles. They are in country, but I am just working on getting everything properly cleared through customs. We would appreciate prayer for all this, as sometimes bureaucracy here can be a bit of a pain to negotiate through.

We thank the Lord for an answer to prayer since we arrived in Zambia. I was dealing with some health issues before leaving the US, but we were able to find a very good cardiologist here in Zambia that was able to properly diagnose the issue and prescribe the medication needed. I have noticed a significant change and am feeling much better. The family as well has settled into their new home and are adjusting quite well, and we are thankful for that.

All of our barrels arrived here in Zambia, and nothing was damaged - another huge answer to prayer! We have been slowly unpacking them and retrieving the items that so many of you gave us while on our deputation journey.

On the ministry side, things have been quite busy but exciting. The two missionaries in Lusaka that we have been helping have both gone back to the states for furlough. We have been trying to be a help and blessing by checking on their ministries and serving in capacities that need help. These works have allowed us a time to adjust to our new life here, and have opened many doors of opportunity. The ministries that we are involved in have been teaching chapel at the Christian school at New Testament Baptist Church in Kanyama, as well as preaching at the church once a month. The next opportunity that God has allowed us to be involved in is at Solid Rock Baptist Church in George Compound. At this church, we have been doing a small scale Bible institute on Saturdays to be help to the core members and the young men that we hope God will call into ministry in other parts of Lusaka or Zambia. We have been having a group of about 10-12 attend faithfully so far. My wife has been able to be involved in the ministry as well, which is a blessing, by playing the piano on Saturday and Saturday for church and Bible classes. She also is helping me on Saturday as we are working with the same group of people by teaching a music class. This involves teaching basic choir arrangements, as well as strengthening the young men in their song leading skills. We are trying to approach our ministry here in Lusaka as a family ministry, and therefore I am trying to involve my wife’s gifts and talents as much as possible. Please pray with us that we will be able to do the best job possible, and be the blessing and help that these missionaries and churches need at this time. We are really enjoying what God is allowing us to do and thankful that He has counted us faithful.

I also have started official language learning classes and have been meeting my teacher weekly. He actually wrote one of the books that teachers use here for learning the language, and he has been an invaluable teacher. I am learning so much about the nuances of this language. My wife will be starting classes with him next week via zoom as it is difficult with the kids for us both to go at the same time.

Please pray for us in decisions as to what doors to step through. God has opened several, and we are trying to make the wisest decision and follow what God wants and Him alone. Thank you again for your continued prayer and support. We do truly treasure it and hope that this letter finds you well.

Sincerely, the Robinsons

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