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October/November 2022 Prayer Letter

Dear Supporting Partners,

Thanksgiving has now come and gone, and the seasons are changing for many across the world. October for us brought some of the hottest temperatures thus far which was an adjustment for sure. Living south of the equator has made seasons seem so odd, but we were thankful when the rains started for us in Lusaka earlier than expected. They brought a huge reprieve from the heat that we had for the month of October.

Ministry opportunities have been continuing to open up for us as well, and we are excited about what God is preparing for us. A student in one of the government schools in Zambia, who has been attending one of the churches we were helping, felt burdened to reach his school with the Gospel. This led to an invitation by his teacher and a subsequent meeting with the head teacher of the school who invited me to teach a religious education class. The religious education class is in every Zambian school and usually involves teaching every false religion and bringing a lot of confusion. I told the teacher I would come teach if I could bring my own curriculum, which was just the Bible of course. They agreed and gave me the opportunity to speak on two separate occasions so far. Starting next term they would like me to come on a more regular basis and teach. Please pray that this ministry opportunity will progress and grow. With this foothold, there is the possibility of getting into other government schools and reaching youth before they are completely confused and discouraged by false religion.

Also, I was able to spend some time with some members from New Testament Baptist Church in Lusaka as we did evangelism on the streets near the church. Some of the men that go with us are deaf, and it is exciting to see their zeal for reaching others in the community that are deaf. We have been able to see a few saved in this ministry over the past few weeks. Please pray for spiritual growth as well as wisdom in follow ups and discipleship.

My football ministry has been going well, and I was able to lead a young man to the Lord in that. Please pray as I continue to witness to these young men that their hearts would open to the gospel. Many Zambians know of God, but don’t know God, and so it can be difficult for them to realize that they really need a Saviour. Please pray for a youth named Lawrence who has finished his Grade 12 exams and is now in a difficult part of life in deciding his future. I have been trying to be an encouragement to him and helping him to see God’s plan for his life. He is musically gifted and has a desire to reach his people with the gospel, but he faces a lot of discouragement. Family in Zambia is important, but also can be the most damaging as it can keep people in fear and hold them back from excelling. His family is unsaved and have done much to discourage him.

Please pray for a prospective ministry opportunity that the Lord seems to be opening up for us. I hope to either have more details or a report of it in an upcoming prayer letter, but please pray for wisdom in this special request.

We also are excited to announce that we are expecting a baby in the first part of June 2023. We are thankful that God has given us this precious life and pray for a healthy delivery. We have been able to find a good hospital in Lusaka, and believe that we will have the baby in country barring any major complications. Some of the medical can be difficult if there are neonatal complications, but we are moving by faith that this is what God wants for us. My wife was pretty sick at the beginning of the pregnancy, but has been feeling better as of late.

As we come into the holiday season, we have some big opportunities for outreach as Zambians love Christmas time. We hope to use this as a time to get the gospel out as much as possible. Thank you so much to all of you for your continued support and prayers. We are greatly humbled by your generosity and faithfulness. Thank you again.

Sincerely - Caleb, Abby, Rosalie, Oliver, and Baby to Be -

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