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June/July 2021 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

The past couple months have been an exciting time for us on the road. We were able to stay in Ohio for our meetings for the month of June, which was so nice as we were able to take care of some things at home that we needed to do that we hadn’t been able to do while on the road. The Lord has continued to give us travel safety while on the road, and we praise Him for His hand in our lives.

We also have some very exciting news to announce in this prayer letter. When we started deputation we had set a tentative goal of moving to Zambia in October of 2021. Of course we had a mess of a year last year with Covid and a complete upheaval of schedules and plans, but we learned to rely on God. Well in this we changed plans a little and moved our departure to the first part of 2022. We are excited to announce that we were able to buy our plane tickets to move to Zambia at the end of February. This is so exciting for us as we now see the end in sight and are finalizing our moving plans. Pray for us in all this process that things go smoothly, and we make the right decisions in regards to all these areas.

As our family was excited to buy our plane tickets, we were looking forward to seeing how God would provide the rest of our support. This is where the next part of our exciting news as come in. We are now officially at ninety percent of our support. With us being much higher in percentage than we had anticipated at this time, we have started to reevaluate our upcoming calendar. Lord willing, my wife and I are seeking to make a trip to Zambia this fall to find our house and look at a vehicle so that our transition into Zambia with the kids in February will go more smoothly. Pray for us in this that God would open the right door and find us the right housing and vehicle for the ministry. It is exciting to see Gods provision, and has definitely humbled us to see how much God cares for us.

Please pray for these following things:

Zambian Elections

Move in February

Trip to Zambia this fall

The last 10% of our support to come in

Thank you so much for your prayer and support over the past year and ten months on deputation, and we are excited to see where God will guide us next.

Thanking the Lord for your love and support,

Caleb, Abby, Rosalie, and Oliver Robinson

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