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Feb/March 2022 Prayer Letter

Dear Supporting Partners,

Thank you for your consistent and steady giving to the ministry God has called us to. It is so exciting to be writing our first prayer letter from Zambia, and giving a report of what God has done over the past exciting months. The first 2 weeks of February were spent busily preparing for the move to Zambia and making all the necessary arrangements. There are so many details in a move overseas that it is difficult to figure it all out.

We finally flew to Zambia and landed in the capital of Lusaka where we have been serving and working. God has opened some doors here that can only be described as an Acts 16 (Macedonia Call) moment for us. When we arrived in Zambia, some things that I had expected to be taken care of were not finished, so we spent the first couple weeks going to government offices and trying to get all the necessary documentation done. But during that time God was opening doors. We were helping a veteran missionary in Lusaka that we had never met prior to entering Zambia, but it has been a great privilege to assist him in his ministry here. The Zambian people are a very friendly people, which gives a great amount of freedom to witness to them. We have sat down with bank presidents, government officials, soldiers, and common laborers, all to present the gospel and walk through doors God is opening for us.

A couple weeks ago, a team from the USA was visiting the missionary we are staying with, and while they were evangelizing, they were able to lead a young man in Lusaka to the Lord. He then talked to his family and friends about what God had done for him, but the problem was that they live a 9 hour drive across the country in a town called Mongu. He asked if we would be willing to take a trip and share the gospel with them, and we said if God provides the opportunity we will go. Well God clearly provided the opportunity, and we made the trip to Mongu and held a 1 day Bible study where we had about 40 people come just to hear the truth. In the 2 days there, we saw 17 professions of faith. Almost everyone in Zambia believes you must work your way to heaven. This is from years of influence from Catholics, Pentecostals, Seventh Day Adventists, and Jehovah Witnesses. The people we saw make a profession of faith in Mongu have now organized themselves into a group and meet every Sunday to watch a livestream service from Lusaka ,while we try to train men to go preach there on a regular basis. We have been very thorough with these Bible studies in these preaching points, because many of these Zambians have such a mixture of doctrines, and we try to take the time to show them the truths of Scripture. All of the people that we saw saved said they have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel, and sadly, many more don’t believe in the simplicity of the Gospel. After our trip to Mongu, we were contacted several days later by another group in town south of Lusaka that asked if we can do a Bible study with them. One of them had friends in Mongu. and was contacted by them and told that they needed salvation. So we went down to meet this other group that organized themselves. In that group, after 2 hours of careful and thorough Bible study, we saw six more get saved. We were just contacted yesterday by another man who received a tract from when we were out in town, and he lives in a town North of Lusaka and he asked if we would come and do a Bible study with him. I say all this to say that the need is great. These are doors that only God has opened.

The people are organizing themselves without any gimmicks or programs and just wanting to have serious Bible study. All those that we have seen make a profession are roughly ages 20-28. This is the group of people that are searching, as they have grown up in their families’ churches and become disillusioned with the lies. Sadly however, the Muslims are reaching these men faster than we are, and cities all across Zambia are having mosques spring up at an alarming rate. Please pray for us as we continue the work. Pray for those that have professed the name of Christ and as we continue this discipleship. We are working on a discipleship program that we can adapt specifically for Africa and hope to get that accomplished over the next couple months.

Thank you also for the money that was given for the shipping of Bibles. They are on their way across the ocean, and we can’t wait to see what God will do with His Word. Don’t be discouraged, church family. God is still saving people, and people are still searching.


the Robinson Family

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