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Dec/Jan 2022 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends and Supporters,

We have officially entered a new year, and we are thankful for God’s provision over the last year and the preparation for the ministry that God is giving us. This prayer letter is exciting for us, as this is the last prayer letter we are writing before our move to Zambia. In less than two weeks, my family and I will be boarding a plane and leaving for our new home in Zambia.

Since our last letter, God has answered some very specific prayers especially in the area of housing. We have found a house that is furnished and in a good location, and we will be able to move in as soon as we arrive. This is an unbelievable blessing and definitely provides some stability on arrival. We were also able to ship our barrels this week, and they will be arriving sometime in the next couple months. Who knows how long this will take, but we pray that they won’t be seriously delayed as we do have some important things in them for ministry and daily living.

This past month has been quite busy as we have been packing and trying to get everything done before moving overseas. We have our vehicle ready overseas, and should only have a couple things to do in Lusaka, Zambia when we arrive before we take the 7 hour drive to our new home in Chipata.

This past week, we also had some more exciting news as my sending church was able to partner with Bearing Precious Seed to put together 16,000 John and Romans in the Chichewa language. Bearing Precious Seed was also able to print us about 3,000 Chichewa New Testaments. Fellowship Tract League was able to get us 100,000 gospel tracts in the Chichewa Language as well. All of these materials will be so useful for the ministry, and we are excited about getting them. I try not to ask for anything from our supporters, as we have tried to be very frugal with the money that is given each month. Some of you have asked us to let you know if there is some project that you could help with, and this is one that we could use some help. Due to the move overseas, my family and I have had to spend quite a bit, and it will cost about $5,000 to ship all of these materials to Zambia. We will get them to Zambia one way or another, but if anyone would like to give specifically for this cost, please designate it as such so that I can prepare accordingly.

Thank you for your continued and faithful support as we have gone through this deputation process. We are excited to move over. Please continue to pray that the move goes smoothly, and that we are able to learn the language and transition to the culture quickly.

Thanking the Lord for your love and support,

Caleb, Abby, Rosalie, and Oliver Robinson

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