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March/April 2024 Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

As always, we are so thankful and humbled by your consistent prayers and support to our ministry here in Zambia. It has been a busy past two months, and so much seems to have happened in such a short time. This month will mark one year since we had our first Sunday morning service. It is exciting to see where God has brought a few believers in a Bible study to a organized church where we can meet together and fulfill the Great Commission.

The church building project is continuing on strong, and definitely keeps me busy thru the week with organizing labor and materials for various products. In March, we were able to pour the concrete floor for the building, which was a huge step so that we can begin the building of the bathrooms. It was a very big project, and I definitely didn’t sleep well till it was finished, but the Lord blessed and it went very well with no major problems or setbacks. We also put the fence around the property and are currently working on the wall fence for the front. This is vitally important for the protection of the property and all of the church materials. We had a theft of materials a few months ago, so it was important for us to get this done. The block layer is busy getting the final part of the bathroom framework done, and we met with the plumber to start getting all those works lined out.

We ask that you pray for us as we are planning on having the building in operational order by June. We are looking forward to meeting on our own property. We are going to get the parking lot done soon, and we already finished the road and the entrances to the property, which makes it much easier to get into the property. We are even installing volleyball poles and a net which will be great for youth meetings. The caretaker house is almost completely finished; we are just in the process of getting window glass ordered and plumbing of toilets and sinks. We want to thank all of the many churches and individuals that even allowed this to be possible, and we are praying that it will be a church built for the glory of God.

The ministry has been just as busy as the building project for us, and we are thankful for the fruit the God has given. We have been able to lead a few people to Christ over the past couple months, as well as follow up with them in baptism. They are continuing to stay faithful and growing their walk with Christ. We have also had a couple news families join the church as well, which has been exciting. Please continue to pray with us as we reach our community, that God will send us some new families as well. We know that the future stability of the church will involve strong families that are solid in the faith.

We have been busy with the Bible clubs and chapel in school, and that is always a fun part of the ministry as you get to watch kids grow and learn. Pray for these kids as the challenges and lures of this world are so strong in their lives. In March, we also had a mens prayer breakfast which was a blessing to the men that were there. We are hoping to plan another one in June so please be in prayer for that. We are also going to have a church braii (BBQ) after church here at the end of the month; please be in prayer for that as we hope it will be an encouragement and blessing to the people in the church.

Please be in prayer as we begin to close out our first term in the ministry here and make our trip back to the US this fall. It is difficult, because as we are excited to see family and our home church, it will also be sad to leave our church here. Pray for the church that it will stay strong and grow and that God will be glorified. Please pray for our family when we get back, that God will keep us healthy and that we’ll adjust well. Thank you again for your support and prayers as we minister in the field God has called us to.

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